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Twizel Community Care Trust

Currently, the staff and members of the Board of Trustees are:


Tania Murphy - Chairperson

Tania Murphy is the Chair of the Trust and has been a member of the board since 2015.  Tania and her husband Dave have owned their property in Twizel since 2008 and moved to permanently to the area from Central Otago in 2013.   
Tania has a background in finance and administration and spent the largest part of her career with the Department of Conservation in Alexandra and continues to have a strong link to Central Otago in her role as Trust Manager for the Otago Central Rail Trail Trust.
“ Twizel is a great place to live and I am delighted to be able to support the work of the Twizel Community Care Centre”

Tania Murphy

Liz Harpelton - Vice Chairperson

Nga Mihi

I came to Twizel in 2018 for a healthier lifestyle with less stress and more fresh-air.  I now run a small accommodation business with my partner.

I have a background in Justice, Corrections and Adventure Tourism.

I am also a Massage Therapist and know that good physical and mental wellbeing can be tenuous but is strongly linked to good community.

The Twizel Community Care Centre is a strong and dynamic element of our community, focused on wellbeing.

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Leonie Young

Leonie Young has been associated with the Twizel Community Care Centre since 2020 when she took on the role of Chairperson of the board. After three years in that position, Leonie stepped aside but continues her commitment to the community as a current active member.
Her journey in Twizel began in 2014 when her and her husband made the decision to call here home permanently. During the day, Leonie actively engages with the community as a full-time Building Administrator for the Mackenzie District Council, contributing to the growth and development of the beautiful district.
"Being part of the Twizel Community Care Centre is important to me. I've witnessed firsthand the positive impact it has on the lives of our residents, and I wholeheartedly believe it to be a vital asset for our community. Together, let's continue to build a strong and supportive network that enhances the well-being of everyone in Twizel."


Jacqui De Buyzer

Jacqui is a long term (around 50 years) resident of Twizel having grown up here aside from a few stints away from home. 

Being passionate about helping and being an active member in the community, Jacqui has held many roles varying from sports committees to Kindergarten, Home & School, Community Board then on to the Twizel Community Care Trust.

"I enjoy the governance/support role working with the committee and our fabulous staff. I think we are a valued part of the community and offer a lot of support in many different areas."


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Michelle Pearce

Michelle Pearce is a board member of the Twizel Community Care Trust and has lived in Twizel since 1971. [Originally from Christchurch].

Michelle has 2 adult children and is also a current board member of the Twizel-Tekapo Vehicle Trust
as well as been involved with St John for many years [both as an active member & then with the committee]

Michelle Pict

Krista Gilchrist

Krista is a long term Twizel resident having lived here all of her life other than a stint in Oamaru for 5 years. 

As 'home is where the heart is', Krista, her husband and daughter came back home to be around family and the hearty community Twizel has to offer. 

Her passion for the area especially building growth, led her into the role of Building Administration at Mackenzie District Council.

"We love the atmosphere of Twizel and all the surrounding nature right on our back door step. I really enjoy to watch Twizel grow and change with the times. I joined the Twizel Community Care Trust as I want to help and support Twizel and our residents."

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Chelsea Lousley

Chelsea is a born and breed local who is easing her young family into Twizel life. Chelsea has been on the TCCT board for the last 2 years.  Most people know her around town working in our local school as an Office Administrator and Sports Coordinator. Chelsea is very active in the sporting community and works with the youth regularly.

"Being part of the Twizel Community Care Trust is super important because it’s all about helping our local community out and creating an easy pathway for people to use resources that should be easily accessible which unfortunately, are often not in remote areas". 

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Judith Holland - Coordinator

Judith first came to Twizel for a holiday in 1977. Like many others Judith and her husband moved permanently to Twizel after many years in business, for a quieter life.
They have two adult children and enjoy spending time with their two grandsons.
"My role at the Community Care Centre has enabled me to continue helping people and has been an awesome opportunity to make connections.
One of the aspects I enjoy the most is facilitating the Linkage Group for the older members of the community.
I am also secretary for the Twizel Community Vehicle Trust which has a long-standing relationship with the Community Care Centre".

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Vicky Hayes - Office Manager/Coordinator

Vicky is a relatively new resident to Twizel, moving to the area from Northland at the beginning of 2023 with her husband and two teenage boys.

Vicky’s background is in health and disability and she has a passion for uplifting others and supporting them to grow.

“The Twizel Community Care Centre is the perfect place to bring people together, connect the community and support people that just need a helping hand. It’s fantastic to be in a role that is so giving, inclusive and supportive to people.

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